28 Sep 2017

Time to Train for a Half Marathon?

So here's my confession: I've never entered a race. Neither running nor bicycle. Never. I haven't raced in a competitive event since elementary school track meets. I have registered for a couple, but something has always come up and I have never been able to actually do the race.

Now, part of that is that I have always run for me and for no other reason. With tools like Strava at my disposal, I have a continuous measurement on my performance. So I have felt little need for a sanctioned race to know what my personal bests (PBs) are.

But lately I feel really compelled to enter one. Partly because, as I get older, I worry that I will miss my chance to compete. I think I am still at a point where I could race and finish near the middle of the pack. And I am in solid physical condition and so, able to do so.

So, I am going to commit to entering a race. My initial thought here is to enter a 10 km race this fall and aim for a half marathon next spring (2018). Plenty of time for me to prepare as I feel like I am already in the necessary condition for a 10 km race.

I will post any actual race registrations here. Initially looking at the 10 km at the Fall Classic Run in November. Thankfully there are tools available like the Canadian Race Guide for me to scour and plan.

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