5 Jan 2014

My 2014 Training Plan: Learn to Run 10K

Once I started running, and got hooked on it, everyday I tried to push myself further.  I started with 4km runs mixing running and walking and having no training plan in mind.  My goal was to be able to run around 30 minutes without stopping to walk.  By the end of November, I was up to between 8km and 10km runs depending on the day of the week, without stopping to walk.  I tried to do one longer run and then a couple shorter runs each week. So I pushed myself.  After a while, I started to get stiffness and some swelling in my knees.  Not pain, just stiffness and minor swelling.

First order of business was to get a proper pair of running shoes.  I went to the Running Room in Richmond and got a pair of Saucony Powergrid Triumph 10.  Best shoes I've ever bought - more on this in a future post.

Second order of business was to check in with my doctor.  He confirmed that I was not and had not done any actual damage but that I should rest until the swelling and soreness had completely subsided.  So with a busy travel schedule around the holidays, I took the month of December off from running.

Third order of business was to pick out a training plan.  For 2014, I am starting fresh - from the beginning.  I want to run and I want to do it right.  And I also want to be able to do it for a long time.  So to train my body, legs, knees, and heart, I want to follow a proper training.  I think 10km is a solid goal, so I've decided to follow the Vancouver Sun's Learn to Run 10K program.

I admit - I feel like it starts too basic for me.  My pride tells me I can do better than run for 1 minute and walk for 2 minutes and repeat 7 times.  But I want to do this right and built up the right muscles in my legs and around my knees properly.  So this first week of January I have completed the Week 1 training sessions.  Next week, on to the next one.

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