11 Mar 2014

My Training Plan: Week 11

My goal in my running for the next few weeks is to increase the length of my running intervals while keeping the overall session time around the same as the previous week (week 10).  In other words, I want to schedule one run around 50 minutes and the other two between 40 and 45 minutes.

One interesting thing that I've found recently is that as my run intervals get longer, I find it more of a test of willpower than a test of strength.  Yesterday I completed Session 1 - 20 minute run, one minute walk, repeated twice.  That's not an incredibly challenging run, but the longest interval that I've done so far in 2014.  About half way through each of the two 20 minute intervals, I found myself checking the clock almost ever minute or two.  While I know my legs and my cardio are strong enough to handle it, I found myself thinking about taking a break far too often.  So this run, more than any other run I've had so far in 2014, was all about willpower.

The next two sessions for this week are modest in comparison, yet they are still bigger (in terms of distance) than all of my previous runs in 2014.  In order to accomplish this, I need to focus on maintaining a reasonable pace and not pushing myself to go faster all the time.

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