18 Mar 2014

Going Outside In Any Weather

I like to think I'm fairly committed to my running routine or my bike rides.  But I also live in a city called Richmond, which is directly south of Vancouver, BC.  And it rains here... a lot.  From growing up here, I have a bit of a motto when it comes to the rain: if you're not willing to do it in the rain, it'll never get done.

A lot of people rarely go out in the rain and constantly adjust or reschedule plans when the inevitable rain is forecast for their weekend activity.  Instead they choose to remain indoors and wait out the rain.  But I refuse to let the weather dictate my schedule, so rain or shine, I try to follow through with any activity that I have planned.  I also have a three year old son who has far too much energy to spend an entire day inside.  He wants to play outside regardless of the weather and doesn't mind getting a little wet.

Granted, it doesn't get nearly as cold here on the wet coast as it does in the rest of Canada.  Yet, even when it snows, I stick to my running routine.  And I'm never the only one on the trails; there are dozens of other people out there doing the same thing every time I'm out on the trails, regardless of the weather.

So in order to stay warm and somewhat dry, we try to dress accordingly.  Here is what I wear, depending on the weather:

  • Cold - I wear a top and bottom base layer under my shorts and shirt.  I like the MEC T1 long johns and long-sleeved shirt.  If it's closer to or even below 0C, I'll also through on my Saucony Kinvara Nomad jacket.
  • Wet - I wear a waterproof jacket and warm socks.  I've got my Saucony Kinvara Nomad jacket and I usually also wear a hat to keep the rain away from my eyes.
  • Windy - My Saucony Kinvara Nomad jacket has a wind resistant front and keeps my warm.
  • Riding my bike in cold or wet - I like to wear my waterproof cycling pants (I have MEC Secteur Pants).
  • Sunny - I like to feel the sun on my head so I prefer sunglasses to a hat.

And my runners, Saucony Powergrid Triumph 10 shoes, while they get wet fast (they are not waterproof), they dry overnight and are always ready by the next morning.

I am not trying to say I am more committed or more hard-core than anyone else out there.  I am simply trying to say that with the right equipment, the rain or the cold isn't so bad.  Every time I run, I feel better.  I run to be free, to breathe the fresh air, and to clear my head.  And sometimes, running in rain is even therapeutic.

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