29 Jan 2019

Running and Fitness Goals for 2019

2019 is now well underway. So it's time to sit down and write out my fitness and running goals for the year.

Last week, I posted a recap of my 2018 goals (click HERE). From that update, I enter 2019 with a large amount of optimism. Despite some nagging soreness in my legs (which I'll talk about briefly further down), I feel really good. As I wrote in my last post, 2018 was a fairly monumental shift in direction for me. For 2019, I don't have nearly as dramatic of a shift. I'm looking for this year to be an incremental improvement in every single one of the same areas I addressed in 2018.

So, without further ado,here are my goals for 2019:
  • Run or bicycle at least 3 days per week, with a minimum 30 mins per session, 2.5 hours per week, 10 hours per month)
  • Run 1,200 km, ride 1,000 km
  • Eat fruits or vegetables at every meal
  • Run a half marathon under 1:40:00
In general, I really want to focus on getting more consistency. I was good with a fairly regular routine this year. But I want to push that a bit more. Ideally, I'd like to get to 4 days per week whenever possible. But I set time and duration goals to account in case I can only manage 3.

Another area is that I want to incorporate a bit more on the bicycle back into my routine. Last year, I focused mostly on running and cut down riding altogether. For 2019, I'm looking to balance them out more. I want running to be my main focus, without a doubt, but I want to have that second option ready to go.

The main reason is that my legs are taking a pounding. I feel sometimes that my calves, shins, or ankles are still recovering from my last run when I set out for a run. So, especially in those cases, I want to use my bicycle. I'm constantly stretching and icing sore legs. So I need to take some of that pressure off. The goal, ultimately, is to build endurance, cardio, and overall fitness. So I need to be more mentally open to alternative methods of achieving that.

The next one is simply because I need to eat better. I like to snack. Tortilla chips and salsa or cheese and crackers are my go-to snacks. So, I'm committing to eating fruits or vegetables at every meal, including snacks.

And my last one is really where my heart is at. I want to run a sub-1:40:00 half marathon. In 2018, I went from 1:51:58 (First Half 2018) down to 1:46:51 (Fall Classic 2018). In 2019, I want to improve and knock those next 7 minutes off. I know it'll take hard work to get there, but I'm ready. I'm no longer building that runner's base for endurance - I have the base. Now I just need to improve on it.

Time to go put in the work and make 2019 something great! 

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