10 Jul 2014

Commuting Without a Car

As I mentioned earlier in the week (see this post), at the beginning of June I began a new job downtown. In order to avoid driving downtown Vancouver and paying ridiculous amounts for parking, I initially began with driving to Bridgeport Station (in Richmond, BC) and taking the Canada Line from there. However, just last week I began something new.

TransLink has bike locker available at most Canada Line stations and at some Expo and Millennium Line stations. For $10 per month, or $100 for the year, I have a secure, enclosed space to store my bike. For my commute, I now ride to the Canada Line station where my bike locker is located (which I selected), store my bike, and take the train downtown. My office is a short walk from Waterfront station.

The bike lockers are very secure. They are completely enclosed and I was actually surprised at the sturdiness of the lock. I have also heard very good stories about the security overall.

Each storage unit is a wedge and is just big enough to fit a bike. Backed in, and with the front wheel turned, I am easily able to close the door.

The price is entirely reasonable - the $10 per month fee is far less than $200-300 for parking downtown and is even less than the $2.50 per day parking a Bridgeport (after riding only four days, I am already saving money).

I like that I am no longer dependent on a car. I like that I get some exercise on the Richmond side of my commute and a short walk once I get downtown. I am proud to finally be able to routinely use my bike as part of my commute.

Overall, I am incredibly satisfied. My ride is short enough that I do not need a shower. I am, however, not confident enough to ride in my work clothes yet, so I am carrying a change of clothes and dressing into my business casual attire once I arrive at my office downtown.

Click HERE for more information from TransLink on renting a bike locker.

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