7 Jul 2014

Changing My Career and My Routine

Over the last couple of months, I have been transitioning to a new job. At the end of May, I resigned from my position at the company I have worked at for the past nine years in order to start a new job on an entirely new career path. For me, it is an incredibly positive change and one that I have been working towards for some time. The side-effect of this is that since the beginning of May, my entire routine has been turned upside-down.

My old office was located in south Burnaby and was surround by nature trails, mostly the Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park, which I have written about quite a bit (click HERE for my initial post and HERE for my post on the trail improvements that were completed earlier this year).

My new office, in contrast, is located downtown Vancouver. While I am excited to be working downtown (which is a first for me), it changes a lot of my routine, including my commute and my lunch break which is when I typically went for my runs. While I now have close access to the Seawall and many other amazing routes, what I am having difficulty finding is a place to shower afterwards (without spending significant amount of money for a gym membership).

The adjustment to my routine has taken me a bit longer to figure out than I expected, which is also partly compounded by the fact that my new office building is under renovations so the existing shower facilities are out of service for the time being.

One thing I have begun is completely eliminating my car from my commute - I now commute by a combination of bicycle and Canada Line (Light-Rapid Transit line from Richmond, BC to downtown Vancouver). I will be writing about this in a post shortly.

Until then, bear with me while I gather my bearings.

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